Vile TikTok troll made sickening comments about girl he knew with Down’s syndrome

Vile TikTok troll made sickening comments about girl he knew with Down’s syndrome

A vile TikTok troll has been convicted after making sickening comments about a young girl with Down’s Syndrome.

Andrew Menzies appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court after previously being found guilty of threatening and abusive behaviour which occurred during a live stream on November 17, 2020.

Sick Menzies, 34, made several disgusting comments about 22-year-old’s Sophie’s appearance before a horrified family member was told about his torrent of abuse and began screen recording as he spouted hateful comments.

Menzies, whose original account was banned by the social media app after being reported for the live stream, has now been fined £800 with an additional £40 victim surcharge. However, the Record has discovered that he now has two additional accounts which we have flagged to the team at TikTok, reports the Daily Record.

Furious mum Ann Anderson has said that the family’s anguish was worsened by the fact that Menzies, from Falkirk, had previously met Sophie.

She explained: “What makes it worse is that we know this guy personally. He’s met Sophie before and knows who she is, that’s the saddest part.

“He’s a former friend of my other daughter’s partner. There were thousands of people watching this live and most of them were angry. There were a few that were laughing about it as usual but most of them were disgusted.

“People all over the world were watching him say these horrific things about a vulnerable young girl. Mutual friends started tagging my oldest daughter in the live stream and she saw what was getting said so she screen recorded it.

“She sent it to me and I couldn’t believe what I was watching. I reported it to the police immediately because I’m not having anyone slating my daughter like that.

“How a man in his thirties can think it’s okay to say things like this is absolutely beyond me but he needs to be made an example of. He was off his face drunk but that’s not an excuse.

“There is no excuse for behaviour like this. It’s taken my months to get my daughter over this. The judge did say to him that he was guilty because he used it for his own entertainment and likes.”

She added: “Sophie is okay now but she does get upset by it. She just doesn’t understand how someone could do this. She’s started asking me if she’s nice and if people wanted to be her friend. The way he described her looks have had a huge impact on her.

“She’s a lovely girl. Her speech isn’t all that great but I know what she’s saying. Some of her words you can make out but she’s very clever. She understands what things mean. She’s got a loving, supporting family so she’ll be alright.”

Menzies’ behaviour was branded “disgusting and despicable” as he appeared in the dock. Sheriff Craig Harris said: “The comments made were horrific and directly targeted at an individual with Down’s syndrome in a public forum. It was utterly disgusting and despicable behaviour.

“It would not be appropriate to impose a compensation order in these circumstances because the individual was not actually present to witness any of it. That doesn’t dismiss or take away any of the distress that you caused to her family or the shocking nature of your comments.

“I’m going to fine you £800 in respect of your comments. This is to punish and deter you from doing anything like this again.”

Solicitor Gordon Addison, defending, added: “This case was one of those crimes of the 21st century. There were no sticks or stones but words were exchanged which were unpleasant.

“It is the aggravation that gives this case some gravity. The principal civilian witness joined an open online conversation and repeatedly did so in a covert fashion. Mr Menzies made these unfortunate remarks and was subsequently reported and prosecuted.

“He is a man with a very minimal record and no other outstanding matters. He’s 34-years-old and is the principal carer for his mother.

“He concedes that he had been drinking at the time; however this doesn’t put this forward as an excuse for his choice of language.”

A TikTok spokesperson said: “We do not tolerate bullying and harassment on our platform, as we make crystal clear in our Community Guidelines.

“At TikTok, we believe in an inclusive community and individual expression without fear of abuse. Content that is found to violate these guidelines will be removed and offending accounts may be banned.”