Man perplexed after learning his girlfriend has been secretly chewing on socks

Man perplexed after learning his girlfriend has been secretly chewing on socks

A man claims to have recently learned of his girlfriend’s childhood habit of chewing socks, but had no clue this was something she was still doing as an adult.

The sock chewing was brought up by her cousin during a family dinner, leaving her furious. However, the unnamed man simply saw it as “a silly, innocent childhood thing”, and didn’t see any issue at all.

However, he was surprised by how defensive she became after he asked her why exactly she used to do this, begging him to talk about something else.

He put the evening to the back of his mind until about one month later when he awoke early to find her with a sock stuffed in her mouth. It was the same sock she’d worn the previous day.

Taking to Reddit, the baffled boyfriend – who goes by the name u/tshaw154 – wrote: “She opened her eyes and saw me looking and whipped it on the floor, and then we both acted as though nothing happened. So now, weeks later, I tried bringing this up. Again, she became furious.

“Yesterday, I said to her, ‘if I am kissing your mouth, I deserve to know what has been in it.’ She got upset and ran inside the house. She came down the stairs and said to me ‘I’m going to bring up something you don’t like talking about if you keep asking me about this.’

He continued: “To be honest, I don’t care if she does this but I want to know what is the reason for this behavior and why she is refusing to let me know about it. We are super transparent about everything, and it’s super out of character for her.”

He now wonders whether he’s in the wrong for trying to understand what exactly is going on with the sock chewing, and has turned to fellow Reddit users for advice. They encouraged him to tread lightly but understood his concern.

One person wrote: “You do have a right to protect your own health and oral hygiene is something serious. Trying to understand a problem is not unusual for partners to do.

“I think the issue you face is how pushy you are being about it. It is a sensitive topic to her, and she has made that clear. You need to show some signs of compassion and understanding and let her know you will not be making a judgment against her.”

Another suggested: “Your feelings are totally valid, but she clearly isn’t ready to talk about this. The best-case scenario is she pursues therapy for whatever is causing this behaviour and you two form an agreement that she uses mouthwash before kissing you if she’s been chewing on a sock.”